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A WikiTag for questions that require an answer.

How to use

Writing a document but you're missing some vital information? Use this tag. Eg:

Wiki Markup Result
Set the bPeanutButter variable to enable peanuts. Not sure what happens if you have a Jelly value of less than 6.! [[Answer Needed]]. Set the bPeanutButter variable to enable peanuts. Not sure what happens if you have a Jelly value of less than 6.! [[Answer Needed ]].

How to help

Look at the pages listed below in the search results. Find the "Answer Needed" tag in them. If you know the answer, rewrite the text to include the information and remove the tag. Eg:

The innerbox template is only supposed to be used by the converted content imported into the Legacy: namespace. You might be looking for the Quote template instead.

Pages that no longer have the tag will be automatically removed from the list below.

Lilguy:Not sure if this was in response to my post on the UT2004 mods mailing list, but it seems to fit the bill perfectly. Perhaps we could create a page that's devoted to listing the solutions to questions formerly using this tag? maybe another tag for Editing questions answered?

Tarquin: Not sure we're talking about the same thing. Got a question – go to the Help Desk. "Answer Needed" is for a gap in a document that requires information. Put the tag in, and the person answering it should rewrite that part of the document and remove the tag. We shouldn't have a page listing solutions, because solutions should be rewritten into the main body of the wiki. Is the above clearer?

Lilguy: Gotcha, that all makes sense now. I had suggested to the mailing list that we keep a running tab of all the questions that people asked on the mailing list that were as-yet unanswered, and once questions got answered, we could move them to a list of links to solutions. I see now though that this type of thing probably belongs in the FAQ section somewhere, and we could use the Answer Needed tag to put un-answered questions in there. Makes sense, right?

Tarquin: What we might do is prune things from the Help Desk to a special page of unanswered questions. But the risk is of it becoming a ghost town... :( This tag is really meant for very small things, in MeatBall:DocumentMode pages.

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