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Receveived via email:

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Tarquin: Hmmm.... Not sure how we'd do this. We could encourage people to give their devJours interesting names. but then they'd need a new page each time they started a new topic. We could encourage a commented list, but we've just changed over to a reverse index...

PlanetPhillip: Just a simple description (max 10 words) after their name. E.G. Marlowe199...working on weapons mods and HUD.

Tarquin: But the problem is where to put it – the list we have now is auto-generated from the page tags

PlanetPhillip: OK, I don't fully understand how the whole Wiki thing works (Wish I did) but where it says their name (Not the Link) could they just change it to include a VERY brief description?

Tarquin: What you're seeing is search result listings embedded into the page. What you requested would have been possible before we switched over – but nobody had thought of it.

PlanetPhillip: WOW, that's so spooky. I was just wondering what would happen if two users were trying to edit the same page. OK, I have just logged in and created an Developer Journal. I wanted to do this anyway so I was not wasting resources! I simply named it "Developer_Journal_Simple_Weapons_mods". Have a look and tell me what you think. If you don't like it just let me know and I will change it. I wasn't sure how long the name could be and I had already wasted time trying to get it working. (I'm a n00b) PS I changed my name from marlowe1999 to PlanetPhillip.

MythOpus: Actually, You sohuld make your Dev. Journal a subpage of your Personal Page. Ex..

PlanetPhillip: I think I did. Thanks for the welcome MythOpus.

Tarquin: Myth, you can't have more than 1 level of subpage.

MythOpus: I thought he named his dev journal as wiki.beyond..../wiki/Developer_Journal_Simple_Weapons_mods :| what do you mean by more than one level ?

Foxpaw: I think he thought you meant something like PlanetPhilip/Developer Journal/Simple Weapons Mods.

MythOpus: Aww man, Now I'm confused... lol aww well... Phillip, whatever your doing... its great :tup:

El Muerte TDS: You could add a extra field to the user info containing the description and look that up while you generate the dev journal page. But it's quite an ungly hack. Maybe it's better to create some kind of "description" field for all pages with a small description about the page. This could be used for every "magic" page and for search results.

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