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A WikiTag.

This tag marks Thread mode discussion which should be refactored (ie rewritten) into document mode.


People often post questions and answers on Wiki pages. It's called "Thread Mode", because it runs like a discussion thread in a forum board. It might look like this:

Person A: what is a foo?
Person B: it's a type of bar. It's used for making widgets go "whee!".
someone else adds the Category:Legacy Refactor Me tag

This can be rewritten into statements. This is called "Document mode". It might look like:

A foo is a a type of bar which is used for making widgets go "whee!"

Why should we do this? It makes text easier to read. It makes it easier to find information. People who read the page weeks after A and B had this conversation just want the information, they're not looking for a soap opera. And it's what Wiki is about :)


This tag page is part of Category:Legacy To Do. If you have a moment to spare, you might like to tackle some of these.

  1. do a search for instances of this tag by clicking the page title above
  2. choose one of the pages you get in the results
  3. find the tag on the page
  4. refactor the discussion
  5. remove the tag

You can find places which need to be tagged, too.