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This is the category page for pages that need work – if you have spare time on the Wiki, why not see if you can improve any of these pages? :D (go on. the UnrealEd Goblin will be your friend ;) )

  • To find pages in this category: Click the page title above to generate a list of all the pages that belong to this category.
  • To add a page to this category: Add the text [[Category To Do]] to that page so it will show on searches.

All category pages belong to Category:Legacy Category: Go there to find other categories.

Of course all wiki pages can be added to. This is for pages that have filled up nicely and need some Wiki Gardening.

If you spot pages that you think need a rewrite but don't have the time or the expertise, or you want a group opinion, add "Category To Do" to the bottom. (obviously, all wiki pages can be spruced up from time to time...)

Bob_The_Beheader: Is there any general agreement on how large of a change should be made to a page before asking for a group opinion? Im working on some refactoring of the Bot Pathing page into the Basic Bot Pathing tutorial, and some of it is a pretty heavy duty overhaul.

Tarquin: It all depends... if you don't mind people disagreeing with the changes and them being reverted, you can do what you like :) I would recommend caution for the bot pages though – they have been the subject of SO MANY attempts at cleaning up...

SuperApe: Bob, we need to talk about those proposed changes. I made a massive overhaul of the bot support pages and I wrote the Basic Bot Pathing Tutorial. Propose the changes in the Discussion sections so that we can come to an agreement. Like, what would you change anyway?

You can also add WikiTags, like "Category:Legacy Refactor Me".

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  • There's a laundry list of things you could do to help the Unreal Wiki on UnrealWiki To Do. These range from simple stuff you can do in a couple of minutes, to major structural work.
  • To find pages that don't exist yet, but are requested by "ghost links", see Category:Legacy Wanted Pages.


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