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This is the reference page for the menu bar in the 2D Shape Editor. For menus in other windows and context menus, see UnrealEd Menus. Note that even though some of these may be fairly obvious, they are included anyway for completeness.

Ars-Magna: Hmm, somehow I got logged out–I actually created this page :-P



  • New...
  • Open ...
  • Save
  • Save As... (Open and save commands use the 2DS File format)
  • Image (submenu)
    • Open From Disk...
    • Get From Current Texture (sometimes crashes UnreadEd)
    • Delete – removes the current image
  • Exit – note that this closes the Shape Editor window, not all of UnrealEd.


  • Insert New Shape
  • Split Side
  • Delete
  • Scale Up
  • Scale Down
  • Rotate 45
  • Rotate 90
  • Flip Horizontally
  • Flip Vertically
  • Grid (submenu)–Changes the amount of units between each square on the grid.
  • Segment (submenu)
    • Linear
    • Bezier
    • Detail Level (submenu)



  • Zoom In
  • Zoom Out


What to do with your shape after it's been created.

  • Sheet–Make it into a sheet
  • Revolve...
  • Extrude...
  • Extrude to Point...
  • Extrude to Bevel...