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3D Studio Max is a professional 3D modeling application created by discreet.

3D Studio Max Grid

It's easy to set your grid in 3D Studio Max to match the grid in UnrealED. Under Customize -> Grid and Snap Settings, goto the "Home Grid" tab. Under grid spacing, set it match UnrealEd's. The default is 10. Setting it to 16 will make it 16 units in UnrealEd. You can plug in whatever you please.

UArch: does 3dsmax have a "snap vertexes to nearest gridpoint" feature, from what ive been able to find out, apparently not...any maxscript pros able to make a small script to do this? i would have expected it to be a standard feature but i cant seem to find such a thing :)

Canstein: If you right click on the snap tool you will get the options for snapping. One of the check boxes is grid. Now when you select a vertex you can move it around from grid point to grid point. If the grid is hidden just press G. Note: I would also turn on vertex snapping. This way you can grab a whole object by a vertex and snap it to the grid at that vertex point instead of doing it one vertex at a time.


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