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This is a Category:Legacy Basic Procedure tutorial page. It explains how to perform a single procedure which is required in many different contexts.


Volumes are a new concept in the UT2003 Unreal Engine. They are a region of space in which certain behaviour is defined. In a sense they take over from:


Make a brush shape

Volumes can be any shape (concave bad though? someone confirm?), so UnrealEd uses the red builder brush to define a shape, in exactly the same way as when you make a brush.

Choose a brush builder button from the brushbuilders section of the toolbox:

  • click the button to get the default settings
  • right-click to call up a parameter window.

Most volumes will be made with the cube builder, so for this:

  1. right-click the cube builder button
  2. enter the height, width and breadth you want
  3. click "Build"

Add the volume

Right-click the button

Right-click on the Add Volume button in the left toolbox area and select type of volume you want. These are:

A white cube will now appear in your level: this is the Volume actor. You can move it as you would a brush.

If you're working with water or lava, you'll need to add a sheet or a FluidSurfaceInfo if you want the water to have a visible surface. Volumes just contains the physics, nothing more.

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