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This is a Category:Legacy Basic Procedure tutorial page. It explains how to perform a single procedure which is required in many different contexts.


  • EditPackages are a list of unreal package files that will be automatically loaded on startup of the editor.
  • They are used by UnrealEd and Ucc.
  • They are defined in Game Ini File (ie: in UT2004 it's UT2004.ini).
  • EditPackages are loaded in the same order they are defined in the ini file.
  • Editor will crash if EditPackage cannot be loaded:
    • The package may not exist or be invalid.
    • The package may be in directory that wasn't defined as valid Path in game ini.
    • The package may require another package to be loaded first.
  • EditPackages are defined using file name only.
    • Do not add package file extension
    • Do not add package file path


  • Editor startup time can be reduced from minutes to couple seconds by removing game-specific EditPackages.

Configure EditPackages using UnrealEd

View EditPackages

In menu View select Advanced Options.
Navigate to Editor >> Advanced >> EditPackages.

Add EditPackage

Click the Add button.
A new empty field will be added to the bottom.
Enter the name of your package into the empty field.
Close the window.

Configure EditPackages using Text Editor

View EditPackages

  • Make sure that game and editor are closed.
  • Open your Game Ini File (ie: UT2004.ini) in a text editor (ie: Notepad).
  • Find section [Editor.EditorEngine]
  • Find EditPackages list in it.

Add EditPackage

  • Add your package to the end of EditPackages list unless instructed otherwise.
  • Make sure you didn't added any empty lines to the section.
  • Save the file.

Remove EditPackage

  • Find your package in the EditPackages list and remove that line.
  • Make sure you didn't added any empty lines to the section.
  • Save the file.