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You can create Textures that are animated as a repeating sequence of static frames.



  1. Create the frames as individual image files. All images must be of the same size and adhere to the general restrictions described in Texture Import and Export.
  2. Give those image files names according to the following scheme:
    • All files must have the same base name, for instance MyAnim.
    • In the order the frames should be played, add the suffix _a00, _a01 and so on to the file (base) names, like MyAnim_a00.pcx, MyAnim_a01.pcx and so on.
  3. In the texture browser, click File -> Import. In the "Import Texture" dialog that pops up, select all of the image files that will belong to your animation, click Open and proceed as described in Texture Import and Export.

UnrealEd will, thanks to the naming of the image files, automatically connect them to an animation. Use the properties in the Animation section of the texture properties window to specify the speed of the animation.

Only the identical base name, the underscore, the "a" and the two-digit number are relevant; the numbers themselves don't have to start at zero. UnrealEd simply connects the textures in ascending order of the number following _a in the file name.


You can manually connect textures to an animation by setting each texture's AnimNext property to the next texture in the animation.

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