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This page lists applications which are useful for working with the Unreal engine. Some have been designed specifically for this purpose, some we just recommend as handy to have.

This page is a forward index, split into sub-pages by type. For a flat list of all pages about applications, see Category:Legacy Application.

See also Third-Party Components for external components that can be added to maps.


Bundled in with UT2003:

Third party

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  • UMake – Wrapper tool for "ucc make" with a bunch of additional convenience options
  • MonkeyBuild – Sequencer for "ucc make" and other UnrealScript development tasks



  • CVS
  • umod Wizard – Creates UMod installers.
  • UnrVarpu – C++ class library (sources included) for decoding Unreal packages

Text Editors

see Text_Editor

Coding utilities

Music utilities

Sound Editing/Recording tools

General utilities


See http://w3.one.net/~darkon/cgi-bin/shire-wiki.cgi?UnrealTournament for a perl script that synchronizes map lists.