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Artificial Intelligence, or AI, refers to any automated mechanism which serves the purpose of acting autonomously or as if controlled by naturally intelligent design. In games, they normally refer to automated players (Bots), either opponents or teammates. They can also refer to simple Scripts, Monsters or other Non-Player Characters (NPCs). In the Unreal engine, AI can refer to either the designing the behavior of stock AI agents, like bots, or it can refer to custom AI agents such as NPCs.

AI Basics

These are some general concepts common to all forms of artificial intelligence.

The AI construct will react to stimuli
The construct will have a purpose of goal to which is was designed to achieve


UnrealScriptedSequences and Trigger Systems are some means of automating a series of actions. This is the most basic form of AI although they can also be used to modify the behavior of more sophisticated AI, like bots, in cases where custom behavior is required for a particular map. For example, see DefensePoint and Creating A Defense Point In UT200x.

Script Support

This is the current hierarchy for script support on the wiki.


Bots are automated player characters; agents that act as if controlled by a human player. Bots are stock AI characters that will follow designed behavior called Bot Support. Bot support is encorporated into each map's design by the level designer, as each map is different and requires custom behavior for Bots to perform as well as human players.

Bot Support

This is the current hierarchy for bot support on the wiki.


Non-Player Characters are any artificially intelligent agent that are not players.


Monsters are NPCs that act only as an enemy to all players.

Monster Support

This is the current hierarchy for monster support on the wiki.

Miscellaneous Characters

NPCs can do more than just attack players. Custom NPCs can be made to affect the game in a number of different ways.

NPC Support

This is the current hierarchy for custom NPC support on the wiki.

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  • Pogamut - a free middleware for creating UT bots AI in Java (for UDK, UT2004 and UE2)
  • jabberwacky - Just for fun, have a conversation with an AI agent.

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