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Unreal Tournament's Assault game type. One team assaults a base guarded by the other team and has to fulfill a given number of tasks within limited time; the other team has to prevent that. After a round has ended (because the assaulting team has completed its mission or the time ran out), assaulters and defenders switch positions.

Assault games consist of two matches. The way Assault manages to remember which half it's in, despite completely reloading the map (and hence all the variables in the GameInfo (UT) or anywhere else in the map for that matter) is to save the variables to UnrealTournament.ini. These variables are loaded when the second match of the Assault game starts.

This gametype's class is called ASGameInfo in UT2004.

Properties =

Config Properties

int Defenses 
float SavedTime 
The time the first team needed to win the match.
int NumDefenses 
int CurrentDefender 
The defending team's ID. (1 or 2)
bool bDefenseSet 
bool bTiePartOne 
string GameCode 
A unique string used by stats logging to keep track of which games belong together.
int Part 
The current part of the Assault game. 1 for the first match, 2 for the rematch.

Localized Properties

string AttackMessage 
string DefendMessage 
string TieMessage 
string WinMessage 
string ObjectivesMessage 
string DefenderSuccess 

Other Properties

TeamInfo (UT) Defender, Attacker 
TeamInfos of attacking and defening team.
FortStandard Fort[16], BestFort 
int Destroyer 
int numForts 
float LastIncoming 
SpectatorCam EndCam 
bool bAssaultWon 
bool bFortDown 
Pawn (UT) Leader[4] 
Current leader of each team. (used by Bot (UT)s)


FallBackTo (name F, int Priority) 
RemoveFort (FortStandard F, Pawn (UT) Instigator) 
bool BestFortFor (Bot (UT) aBot, FortStandard oldFort, FortStandard currentFort) 
FortStandard AttackFort (Bot (UT) aBot, out byte bMultiSame) 
bool FindPathToFortFor (Bot (UT) aBot, Actor Dest) 
bool SendBotToGoal (Bot (UT) aBot) 
bool AttackOnlyLocalFort (Bot (UT) aBot) 
bool WaitForPoint (Bot (UT) aBot) 
Returns true when leader has died/respawned, and bots should wait for him to show back up before advancing instead of falling back to the start point.
ElectNewLeaderFor (Bot (UT) OldLeader) 
bool HandleTieUp (Bot (UT) Bumper, Bot (UT) Bumpee) 
bool NeverStakeOut (Bot (UT) Other) 

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