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The music selection for a map is set in the level properties through UnrealEd Main Menu -> View -> Level Properties -> Audio.

If you want to use a track that you have already imported into your map (see Importing Music for how), or that came with the game you are mapping for, you need to make sure the track is selected in the Music Browser. Click the Use button in the Song section of the level properties. The package name and music track will appear in the text box.

Now, save the map and playtest it to see if everything works.

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Tarquin: I can't get songs to play in the music browser :(

Wormbo: You won't hear anything unless you turn on the music in Unreal Tournament.

DirkFirst: I've made a component DynaMusic that will let you have an optional music track (Meaning people won't need the music package to play the map) :)

Birelli: All text (including comments) above this was ported over from the Music page.