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Actor >> Triggers (UT) >> BioFear

BioFear is an actor that marks a location that Bot (UT)s are afraid of. It is automatically created by the bio rifle's projectiles where they hit the ground and keeps bots from running over gel blobs lying around. Don't add BioFear actors manually; they don't work that way.

A BioFear's CollisionRadius is initially 200 world units, and shrinks by 25 units each time the BioFear is touched. When the CollisionRadius has shrunken below 120 world units, the BioFear is automatically destroyed.

Tempering this, I believe that the FearSpot actor for both Unreal and Unreal Tournament is capable of filling this role, and it works for all Pawn (UT)s.


No effect; not used whatsoever. (It was supposedly meant to provide a way to specify whether a BioFear actor was initially active, but that's mere speculation.)

Known Subclasses