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The Bot class contains most of the details of the AI implementation, except for team-related functions which are mostly handled by the SquadAI. It also has some game-specific code, referencing TransLauncher for translocator hopping (that is, using the translocator just to get you somewhere faster), and BallLauncher for self-passing in Bombing Run.


Nearly all Bot properties are hidden. (exception: OrderNames)

AI Magic Numbers

AngleConvert = 0.0000958738 (const) 

AI Flags

bool bCanFire 
used by TacticalMove and Charging states
bool bStrafeDir
bool bCanLeadTarget 
Lead target with projectile attack.
bool bChangeDir 
Tactical move boolean.
bool bFrustrated 
Being attacked in certain states causes frustration, and a frustrated bot is more aggressive.
bool bInitLifeMessage 
Keeps track of whether the bot has sent messages like "I've got your back" or "I'm in position". Used by squad AIs.
bool bReachedGatherPoint 
Used for gathering a squad at an AlternatePath. Used by squad AIs.
bool bFinalStretch 
True if the bot is almost at its destination objective (ie a flag base). Set by squad AIs.
bool bJumpy 
Likes to jump around if true.
bool bHasTranslocator
bool bHasImpactHammer
bool bTacticalDoubleJump 
True when the bot is going to double jump.
bool bWasNearObjective 
Used by GameObjective.BotNearObjective.
bool bPlannedShot 
Used for self-passing in Bombing Run.
bool bHasFired 
The bot has recently fired its weapon.
bool bForcedDirection 
Keeps the bot moving in the same direction for tactical moves.
bool bFireSuccess 
Determined by the Weapon's BotFire method, which indicates if the weapon actually fired.
bool bStoppedFiring 
Set to true in the StopFiring method.
bool bEnemyIsVisible
bool bTranslocatorHop 
Used during a translocator hop maneuver. Also referenced by TransLauncher.
bool bEnemyEngaged 
Used by SquadAI when finding defense scripts.
bool bMustCharge 
Used in FightEnemy to determine if the bot should charge the enemy while attacking.
bool bPursuingFlag 
Used by CTFSquadAI.
bool bJustLanded 
The bot has just recently landed from a fall.
bool bSingleTestSection 
Used in ReviewJumpSpots
bool bRecommendFastMove 
One of the factors in deciding whether to do a translocator hop in FaceActor. May also be set by the squad AI (as in BombingRunSquadAI).


actor TranslocationTarget 
The actor at which the bot is shooting its translocator. Used for translocator hopping, and also set by JumpSpot. Not to be confused with the TransBeacon property of the same name.
actor RealTranslocationTarget 
There doesn't seem to be any instance where this is set differently from TranslocationTarget.
actor ImpactTarget 
Used for impact/shield jumping.
float TranslocFreq 
Set by TransLauncher to help bots keep from exceeding its charge.
float NextTranslocTime 


name OldMessageType 
Type of last message sent. Used in the SendMessage function to keep from repeating the same message too much.
int OldMessageID 
Last message ID, as with OldMessageType.

Advanced AI Attributes

vector HidingSpot 
Used to track down enemies after losing sight of them.
float Aggressiveness 
0.0 to 1.0 (typically)
float LastAttractCheck 
NavigationPoint BlockedPath 
float AcquireTime 
time at which current enemy was acquired
float Aggression
float LoseEnemyCheckTime 
Used in LoseEnemy to keep from calling Squad.LostEnemy() too often.
actor StartleActor 
The last actor passed to Startle()
float StartTacticalTime 
Set in TacticalMove.PickDestination

Modifiable AI Attributes

float BaseAlertness
float Accuracy 
-1 to 1 (0 is default, higher is more accurate)
float BaseAggressiveness 
0 to 1 (0.3 default, higher is more aggressive)
float StrafingAbility 
-1 to 1 (higher uses strafing more)
float CombatStyle 
-1 to 1 = low means tends to stay off and snipe, high means tends to charge and melee.
float Tactics
float TranslocUse 
0 to 1 - higher means more likely to use.
float ReactionTime
class<Weapon> FavoriteWeapon

Team AI Attributes

string GoalString 
For debugging - used to show what bot is thinking (with 'ShowDebug').
string SoakString 
For debugging - shows problem when soaking.
SquadAI Squad 
The SquadAI that the bot is in.
Bot NextSquadMember 
Linked list of members of this squad
float ReTaskTime 
Time when squad will retask bot (delayed to avoid hitches).
int FormationPosition 
Determined by the squad's RestingFormation.

Scripted Sequences

UnrealScriptedSequence GoalScript 
UnrealScriptedSequence bot is moving toward (assigned by TeamAI).
UnrealScriptedSequence EnemyAcquisitionScript 
Determined by GoalScript.
Vehicle FormerVehicle 
enum<EScriptFollow> ScriptedCombat 
See the EScriptFollow enum.

ChooseAttachMode() state

int ChoosingAttackLevel 
Used to detect nested calls to WhatToDoNext.
float ChooseAttackTime 
Used in WhatToDoNext to detect when it gets called too often (more than 3 times a second).
int ChooseAttackCounter 
How many times WhatToDoNext has been called in the current level time second.
float EnemyVisibilityTime 
The last time when the enemy became visible.
Pawn VisibleEnemy 
Helps determine if the enemy is visible.
Pawn OldEnemy 
Marked with "FIXME TEMP".
float StopStartTime 
Time that the bot started standing still (sniping, waiting for mover, etc.).
float LastRespawnTime 
Used by CTFSquadAI in determining whether to pursue an enemy flag carrier.
float FailedHuntTime 
The last time that the bot could not find a path to its enemy.
Pawn FailedHuntEnemy 
The last enemy to which the bot could not find a path.

Inventory Search

float LastSearchTime
float LastSearchWeight
float CampTime
int LastTaunt
int NumRandomJumps 
Attempts to free bot from being stuck.
string ComboNames[4]

Weapon Check

float LastFireAttempt
float GatherTime
name OrderNames[16]
name OldOrders
Controller OldOrderGiver

1vs1 Enemy Location Model

vector LastKnownPosition
vector LastKillerPosition


NavigationPoint TestStart
int TestPath
name TestLabel




Known Subclasses

Related Topics

Related Classes

Related Bot AI Classes

The following classes and subclasses thereof are involved in UT200x bot support AI. Certain game objects have AI components telling bots what to do with them.

  • TeamAI - Creates squads, assigns bots to them and changes the objectives of squads based on the objectives of the gametype.
  • SquadAI - Team of bots following a Squad Leader.
  • GameObjective - Immobile (though possibly destructible) markers for relevant places in a map: CTF flag bases, Bombing Run bomb spawn points, goal hoops, Domination control points and so on.
  • Weapon - Weapon inventory items.
  • NavigationPoint - Various NavigationPoints, like Door, LiftExit, etc., have code or critical properties that work with other bot support actors.


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