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Duplicating a brush is an easy way to populate your map with shapes that can then be used to build your map.

  1. Select a brush
  2. Hit CTRL-W or SHIFT-D
  3. Note that in UnrealEd 2, this sometimes crashes. The problem appears to be that UnrealEd tries to place the new brush to a certain distance of the original, and if the grid size is too large relative to the distance between vertices, this is off-grid and when it attempts to put the vertices back on-grid, they collapse together. See Crashing_UnrealEd.

Making Clones

Simple way

  1. Shape the red builder brush, with the brushbuilders and any clipping, intersecting, etc operations
  2. CSG add or subtract several copies of it

Applying Ready-Textured Clones

  1. Choose one of the brushbuilders or 2D Shape Editor to create a brush for the red builder brush
  2. Apply any Brush Transformation
  3. Add or subtract the brush from the map
  1. Apply textures to it

Move the red builder brush out of the way, select the brush and choose

Brush Context Menu -> Polygons -> To Brush.

The red builder brush will then wrap onto the brush. It will also take on all the texture settings, so it will be textured like the first when you add or subtract another brush. This is particularly useful for repeating architecturual structures such as pillars or girders.

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