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CTF is a standard Unreal Tournament game type.

Two teams both have a movable flag that's planted on an immobile flag base. A team scores a point by getting both flags to their home flag base.

Note: CTF code doesn't correctly handle non-player Pawns like TeamCannon and other StationaryPawns.

See CTFGame and xCTFGame for the UT2003 version(s) of this class.


sound CaptureSound[4] 
Capture sounds for each flag. This variable and other parts of the CTF code are designed for four teams although CTF is a two-team game type.
sound ReturnSound 
Sound for returning the flag.
float LastGotFlag 
Indicates the last time a bot sent the voice message, "I've got our flag." The game ensures that at least six seconds must pass between instances of this voice message, so you don't get flooded with them.
float LastSeeFlagCarrier 
Same as LastGotFlag, but used for the message, "Enemy flag carrier is here!"


ScoreFlag (Pawn (UT) Scorer, CTFFlag (UT) theFlag) 
bool FindPathToBase (Bot (UT) aBot, FlagBase aBase) 

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