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UT2003 :: Object >> Actor >> Info >> CameraTextureClient (Package: Gameplay)

This actor is used to make cameras. It acts as a bridge between an actor used as a camera, and a scripted texture which displays the image. This actor's position is unimportant (but for the sake of mapper sanity, it's helpful to put it near to the camera or the screen).

Info for coders: CameraTextureClient are declared as bNoDelete=True, so they can't be spawned from UnrealScript.


CameraTextureClient Group

name CameraTag 
Match the Tag of the actor being used as the camera. Only the last actor with this tag is used as the camera.
ScriptedTexture DestTexture 
The ScriptedTexture used to draw the camera view. The camera view will be drawn on this texture, no matter where and how often you use it. To get two different camera views you have to use two different ScriptedTextures. (and two different CameraTextureClients, but I think that's obvious ;))
float FOV 
The FOV to use for the camera. The default FOV is 60.
float RefreshRate 
The maximum number of updates per second for the ScriptedTexture used as DestTexture. The default refresh rate is 60.


Actor CameraActor 
A reference to the actual camera actor. This is set in the PostBeginPlay function.

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