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Postal 2 :: Actor >> Triggers >> ChangeViewTrigger

Custom Actor created by Kamek for use in P2JailBreak. When Touch() is called, the triggering PlayerController's viewpoint will be changed to an outside view as defined in the actor's properties.



Player's view changes to the actor designated by ViewTag. Only the first actor found with the matching ViewTag will be used.
Player's view cycles through all actors designated by ViewTag. Interval between camera switching is defined by CameraChangeTime.
Player's view changes to that of the highest-ranking non-jailed player on either team.
Player's view changes to that of the highest-ranking non-jailed player on the same team.



EChangeViewType NewView
Determines how the player's viewpoint is affected when they use this actor.
float CameraChangeTime
Amount of time in seconds each camera is viewd in VT_MultipleActorView mode.
name ViewTag
Tag of actor to be viewd in VT_SingleActorView or VT_MultipleActorView.
string BeginViewingMessage
Message displayed to player when they begin utilizing this actor.
string EndViewingMessage
Message displayed to player when they stop using this actor.

How To Use

Players must be able to touch this actor in order to use it. This can be accomplished either by simply placing the actor where you want the player's view to change, or linking it up to a Volume if you want multiple people to be able to use this actor. Linking it up to a Volume via AssociatedActor is probably the best way to use the ChangeViewTrigger.

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