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Actor >> Info (UT) >> ZoneInfo >> CloudZone

A cloud zone kills Pawn (UT)s and destroys other Actors which enter the zone. In most cases the cloud zone is used to destroy Projectile (UT)s before they hit a fake backdrop.

Extreme care must be taken to make sure in CTF or other games in which there is a moving actor that is needed in the game to make sure that it never comes in contact with a CloudZone. In the case of a flag, it is removed from the game and one team can't pick up, the other can't finish the cap, and, well, the game essentially dies. Test and retest this.

Also, keep in mind that a CloudZone kills spectators/players ghosting too! This can be both extremely annoying and ruinous to a map's desirability. In general, some kind of zone (a VacuumZone for instance), should be placed to block off the CloudZone.

<uscript> class CloudZone extends ZoneInfo;

event ActorEntered( actor Other ) {

 if ( Other.IsA('Pawn') )
   Pawn(Other).Died(Pawn(Other).Enemy, 'Fell', Location);


defaultproperties { } </uscript>


Raven: You can also look at MCloudZone class to override disappearing flag in CTF.

Tester: As a workaround for cloudzones killing spectators and redeemer's hitting the sky and exploding try this: Replace the cloudzone with a warpzone, if needed make the "other side" of the warpzone a pain zone. Make the warpzone portal visible and fakebackdrop, projectiles should now explode away from the player's play zone and spectators can safely go in and out without dieing.