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UT2003 :: Actor >> Info >> Combo (Package: XGame)
You might be looking for GUIComboBox or ShockCombo...

The parent class of Adrenaline combos. This holds the basic functions for creating and destroying a combo, and also the method for defining the key combination that the player uses to activate a combo.

This works by being spawned by players (in XPawn's DoCombo() function):

<uscript> CurrentCombo = Spawn( ComboClass, self ); // line 1542 </uscript>

The combo is spawned, and runs its PostBeginPlay(). This:

  1. checks its owner is an xPawn. If not, destroys itself
  2. plays a sound
  3. displays a combo start effect (class ComboActivation)
  4. calls StartEffect(), which is specialised for each combo class

The combo's Tick() function handles the remaining adrenaline: when the player's controller's adrenaline is down to 0, the combo is destroyed. The Destroyed() function then stops the effect.

The Duration property in DefaultProperties will destroy this class after 30 seconds, regardless of adrenaline.

Tarquin: That can't be it, the line is this:


   P.Controller.Adrenaline -= AdrenalineCost*DeltaTime/Duration;


and I've set AdrenalineCost to zero so that whole line has no effect.

Postal: Edit the tick, that will do the trick.

Tarquin: Unfortunately, I don't want to subclass, I want to use the existing combos but without reference to adrenaline. Duration only appears in that line as far as I can tell. Confusing.

Known Subclasses

  +- ComboBerserk (fire rate upgrade)
  +- ComboDefensive (health/shield upgrade aka, "Booster")
  +- ComboInvis (invisible, or nearly so)
  +- ComboSpeed (movement upgrade)

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