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This is a Category:Legacy Basic Procedure tutorial page. It explains how to perform a single procedure which is required in many different contexts.


A mover in UT2003 and later is simply a static mesh that changes its position and orientation.

See Create A Mover (UT) for how to create a mover in Unreal Tournament.

Adding the Mover

Tweak Properties

You may want to set the following properties of the Mover:

  • Set Display -> bStaticLighting to True – otherwise your mover will not be lit.
  • Set Collision -> bBlockKarma to True if the mover is in a position that dead players could interact with it.

Your mover is now placed in your map. But it's not going to do anything yet. There are two more things to do: tell your mover how to move (in which direction and orientation), and set up some way of telling it when to move (trigger, touch, etc).

Setting Up Keyframes

So you have your mover looking the way you want it, and you have a static mesh of your mover's likeness. Now what? Well you need to animate it. So go on to the Keyframe page and find out how to put a little life into your mover.

Activating the Mover

A Mover doesn't do much good just sitting there. You need something to activate it in order for it to do its job at the appropriate time. See Activating A Mover for details.

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