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Note that UnrealEd 2 brushbuilder packages don't work with UnrealEd 3: they need to be recompiled.

Legacy CustomBB.jpeg

The interface with all the custom builders UnrealEd accepts plug-in scripts for custom brushbuilders.

(1-10 are the default brushbuilders.)

Tarquin Brushbuilders (11-17)

Created by Tarquin.
And also recompiled for UnrealEd 3 by SlickWilly.

Platonic Solids Brushbuilder (18)

Created by Dave Arendash, at the Unreal Realm of Concepts.

Five Platonic solids: Tetrahedron, Cube, Octahedron, Dodecahedron, Icosahedron. Plus hundreds of other shapes as brushes.

DawnTreader: Question, has this been recompiled, does it work with UED3?

DaveA: Answer, have not tried it, but it should work ok. Want the source?

FrameBuilder Brushbuilder (19)

Created by JohnMcL.

Builds an open, four-sided frame with an optional sheet inside.

DawnTreader: Question, has this been recompiled, does it work with UED3? And is the page down or am i just having bad luck with the link?

Torin: Try http://unrealed.myexp.de/index.php?P=info&D=117 (dead link)

DawnTreader: Thanks Torin! But it does need to be recompiled doesn't it? Just tried it out and it don't work in UED3.

Landscape Brushbuilder (20)

Created by Rahnem.

Alternative to the Terrain Brush Builder that comes with UnrealEd 2.
Download https://drive.google.com/uc?id=0B-AaAvhNMtRNQnBPbnY3QTNjYmc&export=download

UnrealEdExtra Brushbuilders (21-23)

Created by Daid.

Download: http://wayback.archive.org/web/*/http://jiggaman.250free.com/unrealex.zip
  • Includes:
    • Random Tunnel
    • Random Terrain
    • Cylinder Sheet

DawnTreader: Question, has this been recompiled, does it work with UED3?


File placement

  • .U files go in {UT}/System
  • .BMP files go in {UT}/System/Editores
  • .txt (readme's) go in {UT}/Help


Each .U file needs a reference in Game Ini File, for example:


In UT, this is under the Editor.EditorEngine section, in UT2003, in the UnrealEd.UnrealEdEngine section.

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