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For all of you out there who are too lazy to make/google textures:

List of links to websites containing textures for use in maps. Devided into catagories based upon possible usage.

Sites can always be googled, but of course alot of junk turns up, and this page is an attempt to sort through that, and list sites known from experiance.


REMEMBER: If you want to use any of these textures in your map, check the website's policy on using and distributing them. Using the textures in your map, and then putting your map up for download on FileFront or another website COUNTS AS DISTRIBUTION.

  • Some websites will let you use and distribute the textures however you wish.
  • Some will let you use/distribute the textures so long as you do not do so for a commercial purpose, i.e. sell them.
  • Some websites will let you do the above so long as you indicate the source/creator of your texture in the distribution medium, i.e. your map. This means you should cite your sources in your readme.
  • If the provided info about the texture contains a name, most likely the name belongs to the texture's creator. You should give them credit in your readme.

Websites that sell textures are more leniant with thier distribution policies.

Always read the website's policy for distributing there textures, and give credit where credit is due.


  • Name - Link to site.
  • Description - What the textures could be useful for. I.E. base textures, skyboxes, inspirations for static meshes, they could be turned into static mesh skins, etc.
  • 2x - Textures are compatible with the Unreal Engine's limitation to texture dimensions being powers of 2.
  • Tiled - Some or all of the textures are seamless tiling textures.
  • Catagorized - The textures are divided up into catagories.
  • Many - The site contains a large assortment of textures to choose from.
  • Subscribe - Requires you to subscribe before you can access the textures. Of course, they give you thumbnail teasers.
  • Free - Whether or not the textures cost money.
  • Policy - Link to info about usage policy (see warning above).

The List

Name Description 2x Tiled Catagorized Many Subscribe Free Policy
[http://http://www.3dcafe.com/ 3D Cafe Nearly all imaginable catagories. Some are very large. Site also has free models. Some Some Yes Yes No Some Policy
[http://www.freeseamlesstextures.com/texture_gallery/index.htm Free Seamless Textures Base textures, various sizes Yes No All No No Yes Policy
[http://www.environment-textures.com/ Environmental Textures Mostly photographs, some graphity, some skys and ground No No Yes Yes Yes Yes [1] Policy (as MS-Word .doc)
[http://www.turbosquid.com/Search/Index.cfm/FuseAction/ProcessSmartSearch/intMediaType/3/stgType/Free Turbo Squid Everything you could possibly imagine, from sky to plants to architecture. Some are very large. Free models Some Some Yes + Search > 10,000!1 No Some Policy
3D Millennium Good textures. Wood, Leather, Shadow Projection Maps(?) All have thier own bump maps!!! Yes Yes Yes fair amount No Yes On the same page
All In 3D Good variety, clouds, metal, water, bump maps, the front of an air conditioner Some Some Yes Fair amount No Yes Policy
Allegorithmic Very cool materials! Contains everything necessary to make a complete shader. i.e. specular, reflectivity, opacity, bump, diffuse, displacement maps!!!! also effect filters 20482 All Yes Yes No Yes? ?

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Bob_The_Beheader: O.K. Not to many links now but I'm gonna keep adding them.

EricBlade: Bob, you seem very excited about these shader thingees. Care to write up a tutorial for those of us who know nothing about them?

Bob_The_Beheader: Sorry I meant materials. see Creating_A_Material.

EricBlade: OK, how about something specific on what all these technical terms are? :D