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The last group of buttons on the toolbox of the UnrealEd interface is for user-defined buttons. These are simply aliases to UnrealEd Console commands, so they're fairly limited in scope.

These are defined in UnrealEd.ini.

Custom Toolbox Syntax

The name of the section located in UnrealEd.ini
the count of all the user-defined buttons
ButtonX = Hint , Bitmap , Command
X - begins with 0, then 1,2,3 and so on
Hint - the text if mouse cursor over the button
Bitmap - the bitmap filename without extension (must be stored in System\EditorRes)
Command UnrealEd Engine Command (see UnrealEd_2_Console)


This can be added if not exists or be changed in UnrealEd.ini. This example is only used in UnrealED by a default UT2003/UT2004 installation.

<uscript> [UserDefinedGroup] NumButtons=6 Button0=Mirror X,MirrorX,Actor Mirror X=-1 Button1=Mirror Y,MirrorY,Actor Mirror Y=-1 Button2=Mirror Z,MirrorZ,Actor Mirror Z=-1 Button3=Select All Inside,SelectInside,Actor Select Inside Button4=Clip Z in WireFrame,ClipZ,Actor Clip Z Button5=Align view on Actor,CameraAlign,Camera Align </uscript>


Toolbar Creator is a handy application that sets up custom buttons for you.


A number of packs fo useful buttons are available on the web:

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