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DM Encarceration:

It has ben 350 years since the oil facility of the Encarceration megapolis complex shut down, but there's still life there, Liandri have reopened it as a tourament ground and now it is even deadlier than ever. Prepare to be Encarcerated.


A big vat of oil, don't fall in!!
Ah, the arteries of the oil system
This'll hurt if you fall in too
Um... you stand on it and it takes you upwards?



Mychaeel: I can hardly see anything on those screenshots – they are way, way too dark. See Screenshot for a tutorial on how to post-process screenshots to make them look nice.

ProjectX: That's odd, i can see them fine, maybe you have a lower screen brightness?

Wormbo: Actually your screen brightness must be higher than the average user's setting. The images are really too dark.

ProjectX: Hmm... that's odd, i'll sort both out straight away

ZxAnPhOrIaN: Could you please do this for UT2003??

ProjectX: I would, but my UED keeps crashing on me, it's so damn annoying