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UT :: Actor (UT) >> DamageType (Package: Engine)

In UT DamageType and its subclasses were intended to hold information about different types of damage like the death message, the type of screen flash when hit, etc.

However those classes are not used. Instead the death messages are created by the GameInfo (UT) based upon the DamageType parameter of the Pawn (UT)'s Died function or the Weapon (UT) class the killer was holding while his victim died.

See Taking Damage for information about the real UT damage types.

See DamageType for the UT2003 version of this class.


string Name (localized) 
Description of damage.
string AltName (localized) 
Alternative description.
float ViewFlash 
View flash to play.
vector ViewFog 
View fog to play.
class<Effects (UT)> DamageEffect 
Special effect.


string DeathMessage ( ) [static] 
Randomly return one of the descriptions.

Known Subclasses

  • UnrealDamageType
    • Burned
    • Corroded
    • Decapitated
    • Drowned
    • Fell