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Wormbo: These properties should be moved to their respective classes Weapon (UT), TournamentWeapon, Enforcer, SniperRifle, etc.

Default properties

Here are only some of the default properties and what they do.

  • Pulled directly from .uc files in Botpack.

bCanThrow= if true, player can toss this weapon out

RespawnTime= Respawn after this time, 0 for never respawns


FireAnims(0)= name of firing mesh #1

FireAnims(1)= name of firing mesh #2

FireAnims(2)= name of firing mesh #3

FireAnims(3)= name of firing mesh #4

FireAnims(4)= name of firing mesh #5

bClientAnim= If false, this seems to replicate all playanim calls to the client, negating the need for specialized playanim functions being replicated

DoubleName= this allows for a name change upon picking up another (when akimbo is available)







WeaponDescription= pretty self explanitory, its the string displayed as weapon info

aimerror= aim Error for bots (note this value doubled if instant hit weapon)

FireAdjust= magnitude of firing speed adjustment (%/100) based on skill for bots. (1.0 for non-bots)



AmmoName= indicates the class that is picked up to add ammo

PickupAmmoCount= integer (or whole number) representing the amount of ammo weapon has upon pickup

bSplashDamage= tells bot AI whether it causes splash damage or not

bRecommendSplashDamage= if true, bot preferentially tries to use splash damage rather than direct hits

bRecommendAltSplashDamage= same as bRecommendSplashDamage, but for the AltFire function

bWarnTarget= bot AI related - when firing projectile, warn the target

bAltWarnTarget= same as bWarnTarget, but for the AltFire function

bInstantHit= Boolean or true/false setting for allowing instant hit damage, good for use when you need a fast hit from the weapon (like a rifle) with no projectile

bAltInstantHit= same as bInstantHit, but for the AltFire function

ProjectileClass= class of the bullet to spawn when fired

AltProjectileClass= same as ProjectileClass, but for the AltFire function

FiringSpeed= used by human animations in determining firing speed

FireOffset= X, Y, and Z co-ordinates to adjust where a projectile or effect emits from weapon in first-person view, calculated from the playermodel's Mesh Origin

bMeleeWeapon= used by bot AI to determine if it is a close range weapon

bRapidFire= used by human animations in determining firing animation (for still firing)

MyDamageType= type of damage weapon inflicts, standard is "shot"

AltDamageType= type of damage AltFire inflicts, same as MyDamageType

shakevert= Screen shake vector X component

shakemag= Screen shake vector Z component

shaketime= Screen shake vector Y component

AIRating= used by bot AI - how much the use of this weapon is desired

RefireRate= used by bot AI - how much is the chance (%) of bot holding down the fire button

same as RefireRate, but for the AltFire function

FireSound= sound class played when Fire function is executed

AltFireSound= same as FireSound, but for the AltFire function

CockingSound= sound class played when CockingSound function is executed

SelectSound= sound class played when SelectSound function is executed






DeathMessage= message string displayed when weapon sucessfully scores a frag

NameColor= R, G, B values of weapon's name color when displayed

bDrawMuzzleFlash= Boolean switch for showing the muzzleflash on, or off

MuzzleScale= scale of muzzleflash model when displayed (as seen from first-person view)






MFTexture= texture class displayed as muzzleflash, can be animated (as seen from first-person view)

AutoSwitchPriority= integer ordering its priority of being auto-switched to when picked up, can be altered ingame from preferences

InventoryGroup= (not to clear on this...) integer assigning its space in the inventory. No two inventory items should have the same group, although it doesn't really seem to matter. I suggest doing it anyway, better safe than sorry.

PickupMessage= message string displayed upon weapon pickup

ItemName= name of the weapon when displayed

PlayerViewOffset= This is a drawing offset vector, noting that all values are multiplied by 100 (or -100)in the sethand function.

    • X Moves the gun Forwards or Backwards from the Player, Y Moves Left and Right, and Z moves Up and Down.

PlayerViewMesh= lodmesh class used for first-person view of weapon (usually contains the most animations)

PickupViewMesh= lodmesh class used for the pickup version of weapon

ThirdPersonMesh= lodmesh class used for the third-person version of a weapon

StatusIcon= texture class determining what icon to use on the hud for weapon



MuzzleFlashMesh= lodmesh class used for the third-person view of the muzzleflash

MuzzleFlashScale= scale of MuzzleFlashMesh

MuzzleFlashTexture= texture class used on MuzzleFlashMesh, can be animated

PickupSound= sound class played upon weapon pickup

Icon= texture class used on hud, similar to status icon

bHidden= Boolean setting used to make weapon invisible ingame

Mesh= lodmesh class displayed in weapon info screens, UnrealED'smesh editor for example

bNoSmooth= Boolean setting to turn off Unreal's automatic poly smoothing, makes meshes look more angular, good for flat edges or sharp corners (can be manipulated on a per-poly basis using UnrealFX)

CollisionRadius= amount of unreal units horizontally from weapon origin collision occurs, see Collision Detection

CollisionHeight= amount of unreal units vertically collision occurs seeCollision Detection


BobDamping= how much to damp view bob

Mass= measure of mass of an object, only use i know of is so Pawn (UT) can determine which player animation to play with which items. e.g. mass < 20 means small weapon hold and fire anims like pistol, mass > 20 means large weapon hold and fire anims using 2 hands spread like rocket launcher.