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Developer(s) ION Storm Austin
Publisher Eidos Interactive
Release Date(s) NA June 22, 2000 (WIN)
NA July 7, 2000 (MAC)
EU September 27, 2000 (WIN)
NA March 25, 2002 (PS2)
EU May 24, 2002 (PS2)
Supported Platform(s) Windows
Playstation 2
Mac OS 9 or Mac OS 10 "Classic" enviroment
Official Web Site http://www.DeusEx.com/ (Defunct)
Demo FilePlanet
Latest Patch Version 1112fm
Unreal Engine Version [[Unreal Engine Versions/1 Unreal Engine 1 Builds 400-436]]
UnrealEd Version [[UnrealEd Versions UnrealEd 1 (Official), UnrealEd 2 (Unofficial hack)]]


Deus Ex is a game built with the Unreal Engine. It uses a heavily-modified version of the Unreal Tournament engine, and is unlike a typical first-person-shooter in many ways. One of them is the sheer level of detail put into the game, from seagulls that squawk (or chirp, or whatever the heck seagulls do), to books filling you in on the backstory of the game. It's even been described as a first person shooter / adventure game hybrid. Deus Ex is full of stuff that is completely useless in the context of beating the game, but that provides a level of atmosphere that is lacking in many other games.

Things Of Note

The game uses a heavily modified version of the Unreal Tournament engine. Apparently before the latest patch, as the available version of UnrealEd is UnrealEd 1 (written in Visual Basic and crashy). You have to download it separately (It's referred to as the Deus Ex SDK).

HCDenton: Most of the UnrealEd1 crashes occur when you have the properties window open, deselect all objects, and then click the properties window (to close it). The workaround to this is to simply select some actor before closing the actor properties window.

Many of the UT classes have been modified, from moving functions between classes to wholesale changes. (I'm working on a Legacy:Deus Ex/Class Changes document.

It does not support:

  • Delegates (this is fairly normal since these were only introduced in ut2003!)


Xhiris: Read somewhere that the game will take textures up to 1024x1024, but it won't render them properly. Anyone have concrete info on this?

Foxpaw: I can't say for sure about Deus Ex, but UT2003 can have textures larger than that. Of course, that's a later version of the engine, but still, rendering is all done by DirectX/OpenGL/whatever, so unless it was a texture compression issue or something, I can't see that being an issue. I suppose if you had a copy of Deus Ex it would be fairly easy to test though.

Kawachan: I had a fairly big texture (over 256 in size) and it didn't work. Said it was too big. I'd say it doesn't take 'em that big.

Kawachan: Well now, I noticed some UT textures are 512. Nice top size. I'd stick with that.

IAMME: I still play and mod for DX and yes I can say it does take 1024 dimension textures, but as said above the rendering will be horrible. Also, DX takes in only much more improved models than Unreal 1 does, which leads to conversion which is painful :/

Documentation (in progress)


Custom Renderers

Deus Ex SDK

UnrealEd 2

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T-1: It appears that there are no pages on Deus Ex's GUI classes (not only not here, but not anywhere).... Will be fixed once I do some experimentation.

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