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The comprehensive Devastation bug list

Now dont get me wrong here, Devastation is a great game and im totally addicted to it, but i feel the need to document all the bugs you are likely to encounter on both singleplayer and multiplayer and some possible workarounds or fixes.


The miltary sniper/ Springbok rifle aiming bug.

This can happen on any map, but it affects me the worst on DTT- SniperCanyon.

This is without a doubt the most frustrating bug you will find. Imagine you have some unlucky person lined up perfectly in your sniper crosshairs and you fire. One of four things will happen-

  1. you hit them, and thanks to our friend the unreal engine they fall to the ground and crumple in an incredibly realistic fashion.
  1. You have terrible aim and you miss the target by a fraction but you see the bullet hit whatevers behind the target.
  1. The gun fires, but nothing happens ie you dont hit the target and nothing happens to the spot where the crosshairs were lined up on. Basically, the gun fires but no bullet comes out.
  1. The gun fires, the bullet comes out but its WAY off target. It hits a good 300 or so unreal units away from where it should be.

Note- none of these problems seem to affect the P*Laser.

If you find you have problem #3 or #4, there really isnt much you can do unfortunately. If you have a springbok, empty a few magazines of bullets and keep trying to train the gun on target- although you can fire 36 bullets from a springbok and still not have it work. I suggest before going for a sniper that you fire a "test" shot to check your gun works. If you have the miltary sniper, keep firing and reloading. Talking of reloading......

The reload bugs.

first off the miltary sniper. Its a conventional bolt action one shot weapon that requires you to draw back the bolt after each shot. in Multiplayer though, you have to reload it twice after each shot IE you fire the gun, you draw back the bolt and reload and then return the gun to its firing position, but then it reloads again. not really a big problem and not too frustrating, but its nice to be aware of anyway.

occasionally, with all guns, even after a proper reload the bullet count doesnt change. just reload again to fix the problem.

You find a problem simular to the sniper reload bug with the cobra cannon. if you reload the gun with any amount of bullets in it, it works fine. but if you run out of bullets while firing, you have to go through the tedious reload procedure twice.

Sometimes, most likely in a streetwar, you pick up two 9mm SMGs that have 125/60 bullets in the counter. It doesnt take a mathmatician to work out that if one smg holds 36 bullets then 2 hold 72 and somethings a bit off if you have 125 bullets.Im not entirely sure what causes this problem, but its probably something to do with reloading or picking up extra ammo. Just reload to return the bullet count to normal. (or you could keep firing all the bullets; you dont have to reload as much = )This can happen in all of the SMGs and handguns.

A little thing i discovered by accident- the infinite ammo "cheat" for SMGs. Take two micro vipers and fire them till you have 2/0 bullets in the counter. Now, switch to 1 micro viper (by pressing alt-fire,usually right mouse button) . The counter should display 1/1 bullets. Reload the single micro viper and the counter should display 2/0 bullets. Now, switch back to 2 micro vipers and viola! 4/0 bullets in the counter. if you keep doing this you can end up very quickly with 100/0 bullets. You can do this is all of the SMGs and handguns.

Singleplayer Bugs

Completing objectives out of order

So far, i have only run into this problem on Chozo, but im sure it will happen on other maps too. Basically, there is a set order of objectives and the level ends when they are all fulfilled. Now, technically the order in which they are completed shouldnt really matter, but seemingly it does. In Chozo, the objectives read-

1: defend the base/ eliminate remaining attackers

2: Download the security code

3: Hack the enemy laser fences

4: destroy the spawner

Now what i did after obective #1 was completed was to send two rat drones to destroy the spawner. When i did i got the "objective completed" message. this is the last objective, but becasue it was fulfilled before it was supposed to be, it messes up the rest of the game. Even if i got the codes and hacked the fences, nothing happened, The level just kept on running no matter what i did. The lesson- if it says "hack the fences" before "destroy the spawner", DO IT!

You also find a simular problem on multiplayer if the spawner is destroyed before hacking a fence. Although this shouldnt be possible theres bugs on some maps (Union *cough* *cough*) which allow this to happen.

I ran into a similar problem in The rock, and im totally clueless as to what caused it. Bascically, the level got totally screwed up and stopped registering completed objectives and when i got to the end of the tunnel where the boat is, the level didnt end as it was supposed to but allowed me to drop off the end of the tunnel and into the skybox terrain parts outside the level. The drop should have killed me, but i ended up with -20 health. So, here i am, outside the level in a part i was never supposed to be with - 20 health and a screwed up objective manager. Time to restart the level i think.

Still more too add, so if you find any more bugs/fixes, feel free to add them here.

The horrid respawn bug

During most of the game I got a horrid bug everytime I respawned. For one, I had to press continuously on

the "B" key before the weapons list would finally show up. Now, after that, I had to choose my weapons on

and on and on until they finally showed up in my hands. Add both things and you'll be able to guess how

very tedious all that was.

The back to the desktop bug

Yes, indeed. I got thrown back to my desktop loads of times, always during action scenes (and the game is

precisely about action). Fortunately, the game would do some sort of emmergence save most of the times it

happened. But not everytime.

Thank you for letting me cooperate.

Bukko - don't use the rat drone!

This isn't really a bug, just something I believe wasn't clearly thought of and I think I should leave a

word of warning... In the Bukko level you can use a rat drone to destroy the spawn machine inside the Nako

Naki building. I did. Don't make the same mistake! Afterwards, the machine can't be really fixed (or wasn't

in my game - it's so full of bugs I can't tell anymore), so that everytime you die you'll come back there

but it'll be impossible for you to choose guns. Meaning you'll have to walk miles back to another spawner

to get the weapons you need - everytime! Very annoying.

Killing Jonathan

Just one last thing. It's not a bug, more like a rat, but I think it can prove useful. The easiest way to

kill Jonathan in the last level, although I haven't seen it mentioned like that anywhere, is to use rat

drones and complement them with a heavy weapon. After disconneting (or connecting, whatever) the two tower

devices and taking care of all the other meanies around, approach the place where Jonathan without being

seen (on the left) and use rat drones to hit him about three or four times. Then, climb up the stairs and

start shooting. He'll die and you'll be able to shoot the blueish light above his dead body, which is what

you have to do. Then you may die, respawn and startit over a few times until he finally disappears with a