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Do not ever recompile or add resources to packages that come in a base install or a bonus pack of any Unreal engine game such as UT or UT2003.

This means:

If you've done any of these (or other similar), STOP READING THIS AND REINSTALL THE GAME. Right now. We're serious.


Each time a package is compiled, a checksum is generated. When playing over a network, the packages on the server are compared against the packages on the client – the idea is to ensure that everyone has the same packages and is therefore playing the same game. Recompiling the stock game packages will create packages with different checksums than what most on-line servers and clients will expect... and while the game may still run fine, the modified packages will prevent the player from connecting to another server, and prevent clients from connecting to the player.

But then how do I write new code?

Make a new package and Create A Subclass.

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