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UT2003 :: Object >> Commandlet >> DumpIntCommandlet (Package: Editor, no script code)

A quick way to create an INT file in UT2003 and newer.

Simply go to the command prompt, go to {{Base Directory}}\system and type:

ucc dumpint packagename.u 

Be sure to add the .u extension as it is essential. The DumpInt commandlet will take all the localized properties from your code and create an INT file for them. You can then edit it as you wish.

ucc.exe dumpint Pkg.u -mod=ModName exports to UT2004 System dir.

ucc.exe dumpint Pkg.u -MOD=ModName says "No packages found matching -MOD=ModName!" then exports to UT2004 System dir.

OlympusMons: Does this work with the mod system in 2k4?? I couldnt seem to get it to work, managed to get the export cache working now though. :P

MythOpus: I always thought it only worked with UT2004, but yes it does work :)