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This is the main topic page for information on dynamic stuff in a map. Reference pages, tutorials & anything else on this topic should get a link here. Admittedly it's a vague grouping... things like funky tricks with movers might to to get a link here as well as on the Mover Topics page.

The list of topics is quite rough at the moment, so if anyone feels like re-organizing or suggesting nice page titles.... :-)

Scripted stuff

These replace the various special triggers UT had.


There are two emitter classes: Emitter and xEmitter

other things to cover here

UT stuff below


  • Triggers (UT): Reference page for the parent class of all triggers. Browse this branch of the class tree from here.
  • Types of trigger: A list of all trigger types, explaining what each one does.
  • Event: covers the basic ideas of triggers and events
  • Trigger Systems: multi-actor devices that do complex event stuff
  • Basic Triggers: or Using Triggers or some such page name.
  • Using Triggers with Movers
  • ExplodingWalls
  • CodeMaster
  • Dispatchers



Special Effects

Fun with lights

Dynamic Textures


Category:Legacy Mapping
Category:Legacy To Do – Organize with Topics on Mapping. General organization of pages under this category.