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Actor >> Pawn (UT) declares Enum eAttitude

eAttitude is an enumerated type that is used by the AI to determine how the Bot (UT)s (and creatures) react to the player. The enumerated type has the following elements (in order of decreasing importance):

Value Description
ATTITUDE_Fear The bot will try and run away from the "other Pawn (UT)".
ATTITUDE_Hate The bot will try and attack the "other pawn".
ATTITUDE_Frenzy The bot will attack anything, indiscriminately.
ATTITUDE_Threaten The bot/creature will act in a threatening manner but will not attack the "other pawn".
ATTITUDE_Ignore The bot/creature will ignore the "other pawn".
ATTITUDE_Friendly The bot is friendly to the "other pawn".
ATTITUDE_Follow The bot accepts the "other pawn" as its leader.

The primary function for determining a bot's attitude is the function Bot (UT).AttitudeTo(). This function calls DeathMatchPlus.AssessBotAttitude() to obtain a value of 0, 1, 2, or 3. This value is then translated into fear, hate, ignore, and friendly respectively.


Unknown: As far as I can tell ATTITUDE_Frenzy, ATTITUDE_Threaten, and ATTITUDE_Follow are not used in Unreal Tournament.

SuperApe: Those attitudes are used extensively in ScriptedPawn as are all Intelligence and Attitude enums.