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Eclipse is an open source, full featured IDE for tool integration built by an open community of tool providers. Operating under a open source paradigm, with a common public license that provides royalty free source code and world wide redistribution rights, the eclipse platform provides tool developers with ultimate flexibility and control over their software technology.


By default, Eclipse is designed for coding in Java.

Eclipse contains nearly everything one would want in an advanced, professional IDE.

List of Major Features:

Note that many of these don't apply to the UnrealScript plugin.

  • Syntax Coloring
  • Error checking:
    • Syntax error underlining.
  • outstanding support for plugins ([1]).
  • section folding (you can a button on the side that makes all but the first statement of a block of code fold up until you press it again)
  • Project-based archetecture.
  • Class, package, project browser.
  • Tasks list window (with TODO in comments, etc...)
  • Automatic, behind-the-scenes compilation.
  • CVS (concurrent version system, for team project managment)
  • JUnit support- A tool for automatically generating test methods.
  • JavaDoc based tooltips
  • Debugger features:
    • Stack trace window
    • Variables list (with thier current data)
    • hover tooltips contain variable's current data
    • Breakpoints can be configured. i.e. break only after instruction pointer has passed over it a given number of times.
    • Step, step into, step out, step over


UC Editor 
| Jerome-X has developed a wonderful plugin to an amazing IDE. The plugin allows Unreal scripters to easily create and maintain Unreal scripting projects. Note
The plugin has basic features but is a Work In Progress. Many thanks to Jerome-X!

Jerome-X: Eclipse is mainly used for development of Java programs and J2EE applications, but there are increasingly new plugins being developed for eclipse, e.g. for C++ and lots of other languages. There hundreds of all kind of plugins available, see http://www.eclipse-plugins.info

Category:Legacy To Do

The features that usable with the UScript plugin should be put in bold or something. Also maybe the features list should be divided into sections a little bit more