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Legacy EditPlus.jpeg

Another great text editor is EditPlus, it has a lot of features, for a listing just visit the website.

A single license costs $30.

EditPlus can easily be extended with extra support for file types, a lot of users have created extentions for EditPlus you can find them in the User Files section.

MegaBrian has created an extention for syntax highlighting for UScript download

Brian Ober has also created an extentions for syntax highlighting and auto completion download

El Muerte [TDS] has created a syntax highlighting file for UT2003 (including all classes, constants, enumerations, structs) download

Related Topics

  • See UMake for a convenient way of calling the UnrealScript compiler while editing your sources with EditPlus.
    Use the following commandline for the source code editor setting in UMake: "c:\path\to\editplus.exe" -cursor %errline%:0 "%errfile%"
    This will open/focus the source file at the correct line in EditPlus