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UT :: Actor (UT) >> Info (UT) >> Mutator (UT) >> DMMutator >> EIDMMutator (Package: EnhancedItems)

This is a utility class for the EnhancedItems package by Wormbo.

EIDMMutator is a configurable version of BotPack.DMMutator and Legacy:EnhancedItems/EIDMMutator/EnhancedMutators can use their GetDMMutator() function to replace the base mutator with this class. By default it behaves exactly as the DMMutator.


bool bKeepStationaryPawns 
Prevent mutators from modifying StationaryPawns. Defaults to True.
bool bReplaceAmmo 
Replace Unreal ammo pickups with corresponding UT ammo. Defaults to True.
bool bReplaceAmplifier 
Replace the Amplifier with the UDamage. Defaults to True.
bool bReplaceArmor 
Replace Unreal armor pickups with corresponding UT armor. Defaults to True.
bool bReplaceHealth 
Replace Unreal health pickups with corresponding UT health. Defaults to True.
bool bReplaceInvisibility 
Replace Invisibility with UT_Invisibility. Defaults to True.
bool bReplaceJumpBoots 
Replace JumpBoots with UT_JumpBoots. Defaults to True.
bool bReplaceShieldbelt 
Replace ShieldBelt with UT_ShieldBelt. Defaults to True.
bool bReplaceWeapons 
Replace Unreal Weapons with their corresponding UT TournamentWeapon versions. Defaults to True.
bool bSetAutoActivate 
Enable bAutoActivate for all activatable pickups. Defaults to True.
bool bSetMegaSpeed 
Set mega speed if the gametype wants it. Defaults to True.
float MegaSpeedFactor 
The factor to multiply Pawn (UT) speeds by. Defaults to 1.4.

Methods Inherited From Mutator (UT)

AddMutator(Mutator (UT) M) 
Checks for the NoAlwaysAutoActivate mutator included in the EnhancedItems package and disables bSetAutoActivate if found.
bool AlwaysKeep(Actor (UT) Other) 
The same as DMMutator.AlwaysKeep, except that it respects the variables mentioned above.
bool CheckReplacement(Actor (UT) Other, out byte bSuperRelevant) 
The same as DMMutator.CheckReplacement, except that it respects the variables mentioned above.