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UT :: Actor (UT) >> Inventory (UT) >> Weapon (UT) >> TournamentWeapon >> EnhancedWeapon (Package: EnhancedItems)

This class is part of the EnhancedItems package by Wormbo.

Don't use the DeathMessage variable. For projectile weapons use Legacy:EnhancedItems/EnhancedWeapon/EnhancedProjectiles and their death messages and for instant-hit weapons use the new hit strings.


Globalconfig Properties

bool bDropEffects 
Whether the weapon should drop some visual effects to increase game performance.

Localized Properties

string DoubleName 
Displayed name of the weapon when dual-wielded.
string MenuName 
Name of this weapon displayed in the weapon priority menu. (only in the Advanced Weapon Priority menu and in the Arena Match config window)
string ProjectileName 
This weapon's projectile name. (used in death messages)

The following properties are death messages and you can use these placeholders in them:

%k Killing player's name
%o Other (killed) player's name
%w Weapon used to make the kill (not the weapon held while making the kill!)
%p Name of the projectile used
string DirectHitString 
Death message for kills via direct hits.
string HeadHitString 
Death message for headshots (if the projectile can cause headshots, see next section).
string HeadSuicideFString 
Suicide message for female models for self-headshots.
string HeadSuicideString 
Suicide message for male models for self-headshots.
string SplashHitString 
Death message for kills via splash damage.
string SuicideFString 
Suicide message for female models for suicides via direct hit or splash damage.
string SuicideString 
Suicide message for male models for suicides via direct hit or splash damage.

Other Properties

bool bCanHeadShoot 
Whether this weapon behaves differently (different damage and/or death message) when it hits a player's head.
bool bConstantSplashDamage 
Whether the weapon's explosion splash damage is the same in the whole splash area. Keep this set to False if the damage should fall off linearly with the distance to the impact location.
bool bCustomDrawSlave 
The class whats to handle drawing the slave weapon (when dual-wielded) itself.
float Damage 
Damage done by this instant-hit weapon.
float DamageRadius 
Splash damage range of this instant-hit weapon.
class<Actor (UT)> DeathMessageActorClass 
When set to an EnhancedWeapon or Legacy:EnhancedItems/EnhancedWeapon/EnhancedProjectile class, that class' death messages are used instead of this one's.
name DoublePriorityName 
The priority name this weapon uses in dual mode.
class<Decal> ExplosionDecal 
A decal spawned at the hit location.
class<Effects (UT)> ExplosionEffectClass 
This effect is spawned when the projectile explodes.
name HeadDamageType 
Name of the damage type to use for headshots. Use 'Decapitated' to let UT display its "Headshot!" announcement for the killer.
float HeadShotDamageFactor 
The damage done by a headshot is the weapon's Damage multiplied by HeadShotDamageFactor.
float HeadShotHeight 
This defines the height, over which hits are counted as headshots. 0 means the center of the player's collision cylinder, 1 is the top, -1 is the bottom. The value used for UT's sniper rifle is 0.62, which also is the default value here.
class<LocalMessage (UT)> HeadShotMessage 
Custom LocalMessage (UT) displayed to both the killer and the victim after a headshot. The LocalMessage class should react to the following switches:
  • Message is displayed to the killer
  • Message is displayed to the victim
  • Message is displayed to the player after a headshot suicide :D

Mods using the EnhancedItems package don't neccessarily need to make a difference here. E.g. both the EnhancedItems Ripper and the Rockets UT Mercury Missiles just use UT's headshot announcement and display it to killer and victim. (This includes Ripper self-headshots. ;))

name IdenticalTo 
Used by the OtherIsA() and ClassIsA() functions in various EnhancedItems base classes to identify an actor or class as being similar to this one. For example, the ERelicDeathInventory class (the Relic of Death pickup of the Enhanced Relics mutator) has IdenticalTo=RelicDeathInventory. This will cause OtherIsA(aPickup, 'RelicDeathInventory') to rturn True not only for actual subclasses of RelicDeathInventory, but also for the ERelicDeathInventory and any other EnhancedItems-based classes that have IdenticalTo=RelicDeathInventory in their default properties.
float MaxRange 
The maximum range of this instant-hit weapon.
Mesh MenuMesh 
rotator MenuRotation 
float MenuViewScale 
float MomentumModifier 
How the instigator's DamageScaling affects the momentum applied by this projectile's explosion.
| = 0 | no effect |
| > 0 | Momentum becomes higher with a higher DamageScaling value.
| < 0 | Momentum is reduced with a higher DamageScaling value.</wiki>
float MomentumTransfer 
Momentum to apply to directly hit actors.
float Range 
Range of a melee weapon.
name SamePriorityLike 
This weapon uses the specified weapon class' priority instead of its own.
name SplashDamageType 
Damage type to use for splash damage.
float SplashMomentum 
Momentum aplied by splash damage.
float SplashRangeModifier 
How the splash range is affected by the instigator's damage scaling. This works the same way as MomentumModifier.
class<Projectile (UT)> SubMunitionClass 
What type of projectiles should be spawned when this projectile explodes.
int SubMunitionCount 
How many sub-projectiles should be spawned.


bool bDrawingWeapon 
Whether the weapon is currently being drawn.
bool bIsSlave (replicated to owning client) 
Whether this is the slave weapon in dual mode.
int DoubleSwitchPriority 
The priority this weapon is assigned in dual mode.
EIDeathMessageMutator EIDMM 
The EIDeathMessageMutator is spawned by EnhancedWeapons to make the EnhancedItems death messages work.
EnhancedWeapon SlaveWeapon (replicated to owning client) 
A reference to the slave weapon in dual mode.
float SpeedScale (replicated to owning client) 
Used to speed up weapons when under the effect of the Relic of Speed (of Enhanced Relics) or similar powerups.
EnhancedWeapon MasterWeapon (replicated to client if bIsSlave) 
A reference to the master weapon in dual mode.


Inherited From Actor (UT)

PreBeginPlay( ) 
Finds or spawns the EIDeathMessageMutator.
RenderOverlays(Canvas (UT) Canvas) 
Allow HUD mutators and weapon affectors to draw on the canvas right after the weapon has been rendered and before the HUD is drawn.
Note that any number of Legacy:EnhancedItems/EnhancedWeapon/PickupPlus items and one TournamentPickup can affect a TournamentWeapon at the same time but only the Legacy:EnhancedItems/EnhancedWeapon/PickupPlus items are allowed to draw on the canvas.

Inherited From Weapon (UT)

AltFire(float Value)
Fire(float Value) 
Basic fire and altfire modes for instant-hit and projectile weapons with support for dual mode.
SetSwitchPriority(Pawn (UT) Other) 
If this weapon is replacing another one it might use the same switching priority. Also, if this weapon can have a slave weapon (like Enforcer) it might use a different priority.
float SwitchPriority( ) 
Return the switch priority of the weapon (normally AutoSwitchPriority, but may be modified by environment (or by other factors for bots).

New Functions

name AdjustSplashDamageType(Actor (UT) Other) 
Allowes you to use different damage types for different actors in the slpash area.
vector CalcZoomedFireOffset( ) 
Returns the fire offset when zoomed.
bool ClassIsA(class aClass, coerce string DesiredType) 
Returns, whether a class is of a specific type or identical to that type. (see IdenticalTo property)
DirectHit(vector HitLocation, Actor (UT) Other, optional vector HitNormal, optional bool bSpecialHit) 
Damages Other at HitLocation. bSpecialHit tells whether the headshot death mesages of the regular damage type should be used.
vector EstimatedHitNormal(out vector HitLocation, out Actor (UT) HitActor, optional vector CurLocation, optional vector Distance, optional bool bHitLevelOnly, optional vector Extend) 
Tries to estimate a projectile's impact location, hit normal and hit actor.
ModifySubMunition(Projectile (UT) Other) 
Allowes you to modify each sub-projectile spawned.
OldRenderOverlays(Canvas (UT) C) 
Called by this class' RenderOverlays() or PreRenderOverlays() function of an Legacy:EnhancedItems/EnhancedWeapon/EnhancedMutator registered as HUD mutator or a Legacy:EnhancedItems/EnhancedWeapon/PickupPlus registered as affector. It does the actual drawing of the weapon.
bool OtherIsA(Actor (UT) Other, name DesiredType) 
Returns, whether an actor is of a specific type or identical to that type. (see IdenticalTo property)
RestoreKillType( ) 
Reverts the effect of SetKillType(). Call this exactly as often as SetKillType() after doing damage or directly killing players.
class<Actor (UT)> ReturnMessageActor( ) 
Returns the DeathMessageActorClass if that's a subclass of EnhancedWeapon or Legacy:EnhancedItems/EnhancedWeapon/EnhancedProjectile, otherwise returns this class.
SetKillType(bool bSplashHit, bool bHeadHit) 
Prepares this class' death messages to be used when a player is killed. Call this function if you use neither DirectDamage() nor SplashDamage() to do damage or kill a player and revert its effect after you're done.
SpawnExplosionEffects(vector HitLocation, vector HitNormal) 
Spawns an explosion effect.
SpawnSubMunition(vector HitLocation, vector HitNormal, int Amount) 
Spawns the specified number of sub-projectiles flying into random directions. You can use HitNormal to somewhat restrict the randomness of the projectiles' directions.
SplashDamage(optional vector HitLocation, optional Actor (UT) Other, optional vector HitNormal, optional bool bSpecialHit) 
Similar to the HurtRadius() function, but deals out a direct hit to Other instead of doing splash dmaage to it. bSpecialHit tells whether the headshot death mesages of the regular damage type should be used for the direct hit.