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UT2004 :: Object >> Commandlet >> ExportCacheCommandlet (Package: Engine, no script code)

This commandlet exports the cacheable classes from a package to that package's UCL file for custom mutators, weapons, gametypes, vehicles, crosshair packs, announcer voices and maps. To run it on one or more packages, simply use the following command:

ucc exportcache package1.u package2.u ..\Maps\package3.ut2 ...

As you can see you can specify multiple packages, seperated by whitespaces and each with its file extension. When the package is not located in the {Base Directory}\System directory you will have to specify a path name as well.

Larger mods

If you are creating a larger mod that contains multiple packages that contain items to be used for caching (maps, mutators, gametypes). You might want to group all cache records into a single cache file and include that with your distribution. This reduces the clutter in the homepage. To create a single cache file simply append cachefile.ucl to the end of the commandline.

Batching the cache file creation might be usefull, by default the cache file is overwritten everytime the commandlet is executed. When the -a switch is used the records are appended. So you might want to add something like the following to your mod's build batch file:

del MyModCache.ucl
ucc exportcache -a MyMod*.u MyModCache.ucl
ucc exportcache -a ..\Maps\MyMod-*.ut2 MyModCache.ucl

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