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Field of View

Field of View or Field of Vision (FoV) is the angle of your view in the world.

Legacy fov.gif

Changing the FoV will cause the view to zoom in/out. A smaller FoV would be more zoomed in.

You can set the player's FoV by setting Pawn (UT).FovAngle or calling PlayerPawn.SetFOVAngle (the latter is replicated to clients, the former isn't).

Phantasmagorium: Wouldn't it be possible to use a key bind to, say, z, and have that set to edit your FOV so that you zoom in with weapons with no scope? I seem to remember being able to do this before, but forget how to set up UT2k3 so I can do it. Hehe.

Foxpaw: You can do that, but I believe setting your FOV is considered a "cheat" and has to be expressly enabled on the server to allow it. On botmatches it should work fine.

Phantasmagorium: Thats mainly what I do, seeing as even with my DSL I lag really bad sometimes. It's funny to take the rocket launcher and blow off a snipers head though :)