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This mutator makes players fatter or thinner depending on the ratio of the number of times they die to the number of times they get a kill. Everytime a player scores a kill the player will get a little fatter. Everytime a player dies they will get a little thinner.

This mutator simply makes good players easier to see - it doesn't change the size of the player's collision cylinder.

Methods Inherited From Mutator

ScoreKill (Pawn (UT) Killer, Pawn (UT) Other) 
This function is responsible for making players fatter and thinner. It does this by changing the Actor.Fatness property. For each kill a player will get 10 "units" fatter up to a maximum of 255. For each death a player will get 10 "units" thinner down to a minimum of 60. Just for reference the default value for Fatness is 128.