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The Unreal Engine uses many different file formats. On this page we present an overview of them all.

Package File

The Unreal Engine has one principal file format, the package. It's this that stores all the Unreal resources: maps, textures, compiled UnrealScript classes, etc.

There is only one Package File Format for all the extensions listed, so in fact any package can hold any type of resource, irrespective of where it is kept and its extension. But the usual contents are:

Map files can have other resources embedded within them; see MyLevel or Embedding code.

Each type of package should be put in specific subfolder: see Engine Directory Structure. Despite being in different folders and having different extensions, the engine considers only the package name. This means that two packages such as:


will be considered by the engine as the same package, which will cause considerable problems. The usual way to be sure you don't use the same name twice is to append the type of resource to the name, eg MyProjectSounds.uax, MyProjectTextures.utx.

Other formats


  • UMOD/UT2MOD – Unreal Module or UT2003 Module files are installer packages for the Unreal engine.




Other importable formats:

Other file formats recognized by the engine:

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