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Object >> Font (Primitive, in UnTex.h, no class source)

A font object contains information about a set of glyphs. The glyph bitmaps are stored in the contained textures, while the font database only contains the coordinates of the individual glyph.

hmm i think this is about the scrolling textures that display the score so ill just describe that. All you have to do is find scripted utx and select something like condemed font. now place this texture on the thing u want it on. now you want to go find the scrolling text actor (i forgot were it is :\) and place it by the scoreboard. it's defaulted to say what the score is, so thats it. You can also make it say whatever you want basicly. you just find were it says the text in the actor proporties of the scrolling text thingy and mess around with it.

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Soldat: I've been fussing around with the ut2003 menu fonts, trying to add my own fonts, and I realize that i have to subclass GUIController or do something stupid like that. I think a page devoted to ut2003 fonts should be made, but i'm not sure where to put it.

Csimbi: The following constants are available in UT'99:

  • F_Normal = 0
  • F_Bold = 1
  • F_Large = 2
  • F_LargeBold = 3