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GoldWave] is a shareware application for recording and editing sound files. It can import many sound formats, has a number of useful effects, and can write .ogg files, which UT uses for the music track.

It cannot directly save sounds as .uax ( UAX_File ), UT's internal sound package file format, but UnrealEd_2 can easily import sounds that GoldWave exports.

This means that GoldWave can be used to record and edit all the sounds you will ever need to use in UT and you will not need any other software except UnrealEd_2. Cool, huh?

Supported File Formats:

GoldWave supports many file formats at many levels of quality:


.wav - WAVE file

.mp3 - MPEG layer 3 audio file

.xac - Extended audio

.aif - Apple audio

.afc - Apple-C

.iff - Amiga

.au - Sun

.voc - Sound Blaster

.snd - Raw

.sds - MIDI Instrument Sample

.smp - SampleVision

.vox - Dialogic

.mat - Matlab

.txt - Numerical Text

.tmp - GoldWave temp file

.avi - System

.flac - FLAC lossless codec

.ogg - OGG vorbis (UT uses this as it's music format)

.wma - Windows Media Audio


GoldWave exports to all of the above file types, in a vast range of qualities, compression levels, and sample rates, also either in monophone or stereo format. For sounds in UT (not music) you need 22500kHz, 16-bit , mono. See Importing Sounds.


GoldWave is shareware, meaning you can download and use it as if it were the retail product, but to use it in it's entirity, you must register it for a fee or purchase it.


When you open the Shareware version of GoldWave, its help file (not a HTML browser window) pops up asking you to register.

Shareware GoldWave limits you to 3000 commands before it stops working until you register it. I have been using GoldWave for about a year and have used up 785 commands. There is a box on the status window showing how many commands you have used so far.

Additionally, Goldwave limits you to 150 commands each time you run the software before its help file pops up with each command asking you to register. You can still save your work if you are on command 150, it's not like the program ceases to function and you lose all your work.


As of when this page was created (November 07, 2005) registering GoldWave cost CAD$55 (Canadian dollars) which is about $48 US. Registration is done with credit card.


GoldWave Website

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