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Pointless History

  • When it comes to 3D, I'm generally a tinkerer. For the most part, I buy a new FPS to explore the capabilities of the medium, not for the game itself (at least not primarily). This means that I'm even more attracted to the latest thing than the typical player.
  • I've been using Lightwave 3D to fiddle with CGI for nearly a decade at this point, starting with Amiga Lightwave 3.5, the first standalone version. Currently, I use version 8.
  • I first started playing the FPS genre with Quake and quickly got into mapping with the BSP editor by Valve's Yahn Bernier because I was intrigued by the possibilities. Prior to this, I favored games like Descent and avoided Doom because I was repelled by the violence.
  • I was one of the two people who gave the QuArK editor its name (in a contest).
  • I'm a gamer (pen and paper RPGs, that is).

Stuff I've done

  • A whole bunch of levels created solely to visualize locations frequented in the RPG du jour.
  • The only playable level that I know I've released is DOM-HallOfGiants, a Domination version of Pancho Eekels' CTF level for UT (used by permission). It's nothing particularly stunning, I just liked the level.


Lilguy: Welcome to the wiki! I'm kind of new here myself.

Gregor: Thanks!

EntropicLqd: Welcome to the Wiki. Enjoy your stay here.

Tarquin: Hi, welcome. I liked QuArK, particularly its top-down view that could be rotated, and the automatic repeater brushes.