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This page relates to UT. To find out how to draw on the HUD in UT2003, see Creating an Interaction from a Mutator.

The HUDMutator class is used in Epic's Relic mutators, because UT 400 didn't have the Mutator.NextHUDMutator variable.

Please consider breaking compatibility with the Relic HUD mutator (which only draws the Relic icon) instead of creating additional trouble for other mutator authors who want to use a HUD mutator.

See Useful Mutator Functions for details on creating HUD mutators that work online.


HUDMutator NextRHUDMutator 
Similar to the NextHUDMutator variable, but since this is of type HUDMutator it is incompatible to any other mutator not subclassing HUDMutator.


RegisteraHUDMutator ( ) [simulated] 
Similar to the RegisterHUDMutator function.

Known Subclasses

  • RelicHUDMutator

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