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UT :: Actor >> HUD

The superclass for all heads-up display classes.



globalconfig int HudMode 
globalconfig int Crosshair 
The number of the currently selected crosshair. (?)
class<Menu> MainMenuType 
Menu MainMenu 
The menu used in Unreal.
string HUDConfigWindowType 
The name of the class used to configure this HUD.
Color WhiteColor 
A color variable containing the color used as "white". (Default is R=0, G=128, B=255 which is a kind of light blue)
Mutator HUDMutator 
The first Mutator registered as HUD mutator. To go through all HUD mutators use the mutator's NexHUDMutator variable.
PlayerPawn PlayerOwner 
The player owning this HUD. (ChallengeHUD.PawnOwner is the Pawn (UT) the HUD currently displays info for)

HUDLocalizedMessage struct

class<LocalMessage (UT)> Message 
The LocalMessage (UT) class used to create this message.
int Switch 
The Switch parameter used in various functions of the LocalMessage.
PlayerReplicationInfo RelatedPRI 
Object OptionalObject 
The OptionalObject parameter used in various functions of the LocalMessage.
float EndOfLife 
float LifeTime 
bool bDrawing 
int numLines 
string StringMessage 
color DrawColor 
The message's text color.
font StringFont 
The message's font.
float XL, YL 
float YPos 


function ClearMessage (out HUDLocalizedMessage M) 
Resets the HUDLocalizedMessage M.
function CopyMessage (out HUDLocalizedMessage M1, HUDLocalizedMessage M2) 
Copies the values of M2 into M1.
simulated event PreRender (Canvas Canvas) 
Called before world geometry is drawn.
simulated event PostRender (Canvas Canvas) 
Called after world geometry is drawn and fog is applied. This contains the main HUD rendering functionality.
simulated function InputNumber (byte F) 
simulated function ChangeHud (int d) 
Probably used to select a HUD type as saved in the HudMode variable. (???)
simulated function ChangeCrosshair (int d) 
Changes the crosshair.
simulated function DrawCrossHair (Canvas Canvas, int StartX, int StartY) 
Draws the crosshair.
simulated function Message (PlayerReplicationInfo PRI, coerce string Msg, name N) 
Called when receiving a new string message. (e.g. a kill with damage type 'SpecialDamage')
simulated function LocalizedMessage (class<LocalMessage (UT)> Message, optional int Switch, optional PlayerReplicationInfo RelatedPRI_1, optional PlayerReplicationInfo RelatedPRI_2, optional Object OptionalObject, optional string CriticalString) 
Called when receiving a new LocalMessage. (e.g. flag capture, any kill in UT, etc...)
simulated function PlayReceivedMessage (string S, string PName, ZoneInfo PZone) 
simulated function bool DisplayMessages (Canvas (UT) Canvas) 
DisplayMessages is called by the Console in PostRender. It offers the HUD a chance to deal with messages instead of the Console. Returns true if messages were dealt with.
function bool ProcessKeyEvent (int Key, int Action, float Delta) 

Known subclasses