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My online name is Ike Bart, a shortening I made for my real name (which I don't want to reveal.) I started playing Unreal Tournament back sometime in 2000 or 2001. I don't remember when anymore. My brother said that it was a birthday present. I've worked on several maps for Unreal Tournament, most of which are deathmatch and all of which are amatuer looking.

Other interests

Aside from Unreal Tournament, I'm an avid watcher of TRL. In addition, I compose MOD files (similar to Unreal Tournament's UMX files) but haven't found any suitable place to host them. I post under the same name at the Absolute TRL Formus and even have a Legacy:Ike Bart/Countdown there.

One more thing, I have been reading the Megatokyo web comic since around February 10, 2003. Since February 14, 2003, I have been caught up with Megatokyo. One other web comic that I have read is Strange Candy. There are two characters common to both Megatokyo and Strange Candy.

MOD Files

Over at my Legacy:Ike Bart/MOD Music page, I will post information about my MOD music files. As soon as I release my MODs over at ModArchive, I'll provide a filename to search for to get my MODs.

Legacy:Ike Bart/Fake_Albums contains a bunch of song titles that I created for a couple fake albums.

Pages started

  • Devilfish
    • The very first page I've made. For the UT ScriptedPawn.
  • TriggeredDeath
    • I did some research here, and discovered that triggering it doesn't work like I expected it to work.
  • Slith
    • Those green slimy creatures that throw slime balls at you.
  • Cannon
    • The Decoration (UT) that doesn't seem to be fully functional in Unreal Tournament until you do something special near an activated cannon.

Planned future page edits



Ike Bart: Feel free to add anything here. I'll add more sections to my page later.

Wormbo: Welcome to the Wiki and happy contributing. :) You don't need to add a "last updated" thingy to your page, the Recent Changes and this page's View other revisions link give much more detailed information about the latest updates.

Ike Bart: Thanks for telling me. :D

Balu: Megatokyo is great! It is a must to have it read from the beginning :) - BTW: Know ModArchive?

Ike Bart: I know about ModArchive because I downloaded many songs from that place a few years ago. Now, I'm into downloading MP3s from WinMX. I'm not sure whether I want to submit my songs there right now. I remember one rule saying never release your first MOD file. Over there, they will only upload your song permanently to the archives if it is of "good quality" and follows other criteria. I don't know if I am allowed to upload cover MODs of songs by popular recording artists or MODs featuring recognizable samples from songs by popular recording artists. I have already completed one MOD called "Forgot About Dray" which is basicly an extended instrumental cover of Dr. Dre's "Forgot About Dre" featuring an actual sample of the intro bass and string loop.

Ike Bart: If you want to hear it or ask about other MOD files by me, e-mail me at [email protected] removing the "NOSPAM-" part. To request a mod make sure the subject line has "MOD Request:" before the song you want, and specify in the body if you want the original MOD or an MP3 conversion of it. Unless otherwise specified, I'll assume 44kHz 128KBps Stereo for all MP3 conversions. To ask about my list of MOD files including works in progress, put "MOD Query" in the subject line. If you want one of my works in progress, I will send what I have of it by MP3 in 22kHz 56KBps Stereo format. I will try to get to all MOD requests and queries whenever I check my e-mail. Just be warned that it could take more than a week to process your requests because I don't check my e-mail every day.

Ike Bart: My MOD music subpage is up already. Check it out at Legacy:Ike Bart/MOD Music. So far, nothing has been released to the ModArchive yet but I hope to get around to it sometime this month. In the mean time, you can just send me an e-mail asking for specific MODs or a list of my MODs according to the instructions above.

???: PWND!!!

Ike Bart: If you try to PWN me, I'll just revert back. This is my page and I don't want people messing with anything other than the guestbook.