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jEdit is a powerful open source(it's free) text editor, written in Java. Although it's still a text editor, it has many of the features of a full blown IDE


  • Runs of Java JRE1.5
  • Versions 4.2 and onwards feature built-in syntax highlighting support for UnrealScript
  • Open an unlimited number of files
  • Perform text searches with support for regular expressions
    • Within a selection
    • Within a Single file
    • Within all opened files
    • Within a Directory on your hard disk
      • Such as your UT/UT2003/UT2004 directory with a filter of *.uc
  • Recent Files and Directories
  • Function Browsing
  • Error Parsing
  • Difference Calculation (diffs)
  • Collapse code blocks
  • Markers, to mark important places in large code blocks
  • Incredible plugin support with many:
    • Visual Plugins
    • Code Assist (Auto-complete) plugins
    • Language Reference Plugins
    • Compiler and Parser Plugins
  • Extensive configuration options
  • Auto Save and Backup functionality


nick89 in his natural coding environment. He has 5 files opened but is viewing two of them at once!

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Nick89: I used jEdit before i started Unreal Script, i was pleasantly surprised when i discovered jEdit could handle my Syntax Highlighting needs for Unreal Script (as well as almost any other programming language or markup known to mankind). Great editor, i love it! :)

Bob_The_Beheader:It was definately written for linux. Seems to me like it dosn't really want to see directory structures with the drives being the root. It's written in Java, so go figure that the hell out... :). Anyways, I'm switching to using this as my default text editor instead of conTEXT because context has troule with line wrapping. One thing I don't like about this though is that it's 'save' toolbar is a pic of a pencil, not a disk. which makes no sense to me. Oh. Also, I can set up the file association for using this as the default editor for .txt files, but I still can't open a file out of Explorer.

Wormbo: You should use the following command for file associations:

javaw.exe -jar "path\to\jedit.jar" -reuseview – "%1"

The -reuseview switch makes it open the file in an existing jEdit window if there's already is a jEdit instance running. If it bothers you that it sometimes decides to open multiple instances if you open several files at the same time while jEdit isn't running, you can set up an "edit server" (a hidden instance of jEdit) to be run at Windows start.
And no, it doesn't have any problems with drive letters being the root of the directory structures. It just has an awkward way to display them in the directory tree due to the way they are handled in Java.