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Last Man Standing is a gametype in which players attempt to survive instead of kill. The players start with a number of lives instead of a fraglimit and attempt to be the last one left with at least one life.

See also xLastManStandingGame for the GameInfo class for UT2004.


string AltStartupMessage (localized) 
Displayed for players who entered the game after 15% of the total possible frags in the game have been made. Those players will join as spectators.
bool bHighDetailGhosts (config) 
"Ghosts" are players that have no more lives left. If this is set to true, ghosts don't become invisible like regular spectators. (Gotta test this...)
int Lives 
Amount of lives each player has at the start of the match. Set to 10 if FragLimit isn't set, otherwise set to FragLimit.
PlayerPawn LocalPlayer 
The local PlayerPawn.
int TotalKills 
Total number of kills already made in this match.
int NumGhosts 
Number of players without any lives left.